Caricature Artists, Illustrators, Entertainers
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Caricature Artists, Illustrators, Entertainers
Dubai Caricatures is your one stop shop for studio caricatures, live caricatures at events and trade shows as well as business illustration projects. If you have a complex corporate idea and you want to explain it in the most fun and joyous way then we are the people you would want to talk to. We give your ideas a face. A pretty one that sells to the business community. We have done this for Microsoft, Nike, IBM, GSK, Kraft, Coca Cola, GM, LG, Dole and AstraZeneca to name a few.

We draw studio caricatures from photos or live subjects. We draw live caricatures at events in digital or traditional styles. We are seasoned caricature artists and we love Dubai. Let's get that masterpiece started.

The best booths in trade shows have Live caricatures at trade shows bring people to your booth and keep them there. We are ready and available to be the entertainment at your booth. People cherish the drawings and share them on social media which means your brand is being shared with an ever growing audience.

We are experts in graphic facilitation and recording. We reproduce business meeting minutes in beautiful intricate and engaging art which is custom drawn for you only. We have animation and sound mastering tools in house and can produce professional videos for your corporate use. If you have an idea, a business initiative or a product launch we can surely do this for you.

Contact Dubai Caricatures today and let the magic begin.


Studio caricature illustrations are a great way to celebrate special occasions such as graduations, anniversaries, retirement and birthdays to name a few. Hand drawn with your creative input, the only limit is your imagination.

Our prices are based on both the number of people and additional design ideas.

Upon receiving your photos and ideas, we will firmly quote you on your drawing based on the information you have provided us with.

Simply review the quote, ask any questions you might have and let us know when you are ready to go :)

We prepare and send you an invoice for a non refundable deposit of 25% or $50 whichever greater to start the work.

We start with a sketch of the people or subject matter and send you a draft of the caricature illustration for approval and feedback.

Once we receive your feedback, we incorporate your changes and draw the additional details. This second draft is drawn with high priority.

Further changes can be requested which may take longer to apply and may result in additional charges if the changes are beyond/different than the original request.

A high resolution digital file is supplied in your preferred format and color scheme.

If you are printing using a commercial print shop we would gladly work with their preferred format.



Experience the art of laughter with our live traditional caricatures in the heart of Dubai. Our skilled artists bring your moments to life, capturing the essence of joy and creating personalized, one-of-a-kind keepsakes for your event. Live caricatures are great for event entertainment. They are popular at parties, weddings, corporate gatherings, trade shows and festivals adding a fun and personalized touch to your guest experience.

Live Digital Caricatures bring a touch of digital artistry to Dubai's events! Hand drawn on a specialized laptop or tablet - we display our drawings ona monitor or projector so your guests see the drawings take shape. Elevate your gatherings with our live digital caricature services adding a touch of creativity and entertainment that will be remembered long after the laughter fades.

Whether it's corporate events, weddings, or private parties, let us turn your event into an unforgettable canvas of laughter and joy. Contact us to bring the charm of live digital caricatures to your Dubai experience.

Contact us to bring the joy of live caricatures to your guests experience.


With its combination of visual design, dynamic conversations and storytelling capabilities, graphic facilitation has become an increasingly popular method of creating engaging presentations.

Graphic facilitation visually captures ideas, making complex concepts more accessible and fostering clearer communication among team members or participants

Contact Dubai Caricatures for more information and samples.


We produce quality caricature and illustration work in various forms and media: Custom Studio Caricatures From Photos or Live Subject, Live Digital Caricatures at Parties, Trade Shows, Weddings and Corporate Functions, Drawing live caricatures at your events, functions, picnics, trade shows, corporate or private parties, Illustration work for publications or advertising, Digital and Vector Comical Imagery, Animated caricatures for presentations, web sites, ecards or desktop

Custom Studio Caricatures From Photos or Live Subject

We start from your photos and theme. A pencil draft is produced which you critique and comment on. Upon receiving your changes we redraw the image according to your feedback. You critique the new draft and approve or request new changes. We repeat these steps in two rounds of changes. Additional changes after the two rounds are billed on an hourly basis.

Once you are happy with the rough draft we produce the complete artwork in ink and paint using quality paints and permanent inks. The artwork is produced on acid free cotton base museum quality art boards. Voila. Your first experience as an art director was a success!

Live Digital Caricatures at Parties, Trade Shows, Weddings and Corporate Functions in Dubai

Digital caricature artists are great for trade show, conventions & corporate events and product promotions. We also draw live digital caricatures at weddings, birthday parties, reunions and many more kinds of personal or corporate gatherings. Everyone in all age groups enjoy digital caricatures. We draw them on the sport and send them to the guests electronically. We can also print the digital caricatures on the spot and give them to the clients in plastic sleeves. These make great avatars and social media posts.

Dubai Event Caricature Art

Other than being a solid form of entertainment for all age groups, the attendees take an original piece of art with them. Our live party caricatures are often framed and remain in offices and homes for years. Impress your guests by hiring us to draw them at your function, event or party.

We draw live caricatures in Dubai. Hundreds of companies and organizations have hired us to draw live caricature sketches at their corporate functions, picnics or galas. Our traditional caricature clients have been using our services since 1991.

Custom Caricature Illustration, Cartooning

Caricatures are great to be used as gifts, avatars, mascots, or as logos for a businesses or as imagery for websites and apps. They make great corporate gifts or employee awards that impresses them in a personal way. Caricatures are attention grabbers and a unique and memorable style of gift-giving.

We create the initial artwork for you and will customize it to be used for any medium and any environment. They can be used for murals, embroidered, ironed on, silk screened, carved or printed in many different ways. We come up with innovative ways to make it work for you. You can have the same image used on clothing, mouse pads, coffee cups, online and printed publications, bumper stickers etc.

Digital and Vector Imagery

We create digital vector caricature illustrations. These can be resized to any extend without getting jagged or pixelated. From business cards to hot air balloons, one file fits all!

Animated Caricature Art

Adding motion to a caricatures literally brings it to life. Full color digital caricatures can be used on your web site, desktop or for social media. They can be created in GIF or SWF formats. SWF files can have sound as well. We have created animated education tools using caricatures.

Electronic greeting tools can also be created this way. We match the electronic files with the printed and hand drawn art. Having the same fun-filled style of cartoon imagery on your company web site, cards, party collateral, corporate gifts, signage and t-shirts shows you are aware of the value of brand. We can do it all for you.

How much is a caricature artist?

The price of a caricature artist can vary greatly. For an experienced caricature artist you can expect to spend between $400 and $500 per hour per artist for traditional paper based caricatures and between $500 and $750 per hour per artist for digital caricatures.

What is the meaning of caricature?

The Meridian-Webster Dictionary defines "caricature as exaggeration by means of often ludicrous distortion of parts or characteristics" We strive to draw slightly distorted but pleasing - appreciated caricatures of everyone we draw.

How long does a caricature take?

The artists in our collective each average 15 years experience in event caricature drawing. We draw 10 to 12 people per hour live - black and white, head and shoulders. This means it takes us between 4 and 5 minutes per person to draw a caricature.

What is a digital caricature?

We have been drawing digital caricatures for the past 20 years. Digital caricatures are hand drawn caricatures, similar to traditional paper based caricatures. Digital caricatures are drawn on a laptop or tablet with the drawings being displayed on monitor or projected for all the guests to see the caricatures take shape.

Digital caricatures are a versatile and can be used as custom framed art, t-shirts, coffee cups, social media avatars and marketing.


If you are looking to book a caricature artist for an event in Dubai - or a studio commission from photo - simply send us an email to look@dubaicaricatures.com. We look forward to being in touch.


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